DTO is a site for information and entertainment around dirt track racing.  My name is Nathan Stoll, and I am a TV producer who is also an avid race fan.  I started this site while developing Dirt Track Outlaws in 2013, a documentary tv series. A&E bought the show, but it never made it to the air, unfortunately.  I still believe it is a great idea.  It is frustrating to produce a great show idea and have some executive suits not understand it.  I am determined though to get a show made on dirt track racing one way or another.  

The DTO community sprung up out of the trailer I made for the show and posted it on Facebook.  It is now over 32,000 and growing every day, check it out and join us at  DTO FACEBOOK.  I want to provide a site that is different from what other media outlets in dirt track racing are offering.    This site will continue to evolve so be sure to check us out every week.

I fell in love with the fans, drivers, speed, and competition at the high banks of Lebanon Valley Speedway.  Howard Commander, who owns and operates the track is the best promoter I know, and I am still grateful for him letting me bring my camera to the track.  Lebanon Valley reminded me of my roots growing up in a small town in western Iowa and attending races with my grandfather at Crawford County Speedway.  Being able to spend time with Brett Hearn, Kenny Tremont Jr. and the rest of the drivers at Lebanon was a phenomenal experience.  Chad Jeseo was the first driver to catch my attention, and I am a big fan of his still today.  He is one hell of a driver.  So stay tuned, be sure to contact me with any suggestions.  It is my mission to make DTO larger than a site that covers one region and make it a national brand.    Join the community and help spread the word!


Nathan Stoll


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